Case Studies

Mystery Mansion Regina

Mystery Mansion Regina is a four times award winning escape How Mystery Mansion Regina created ‘Unlocking Love’ a tabletop escape game Powered by Telescape Read more

Congratulations to all the award-winning games 'powered by Telescape'

Award-winning online escape games powered by Telescape. Escape room owners and Telescape designers and builders interviewed. Read more
Award-winning games powered by Telescape

The Detectives That Saved Christmas!

If you’re a fan of escape rooms, the chances are you’ve played- or at least encountered- a Shaun Shrubsall escape game before. Whether it be creating immersive launches with Black Sabbath, or online escape games with Puzzle Punks, Bewilder Box or his current project as the creator of Play Helps. This year he’s back for Christmas with the return of the heartwarming charity escape game, The Detectives That Saved Christmas!. Read more

District 3 Escape Rooms

How District 3 Escape Rooms used Telescape to streamline the Games Master experience and what that means for the future of their games. Before District 3 Escape Rooms discovered Telescape Live, David and the team struggled with a few different solutions to digitize their escape rooms. Read more
Heist Attempt

Escape SC

How the student group Escape SC used Telescape Live to create their latest project, SCience Splice. he society was founded in 2017 and is dedicated to building innovative escape room experiences on USC’s campus. Read more
Poster for Science Splice

Sabotage Escape - A Black Sabbath Escape Room

How Bewilder Box built the official Black Sabbath promotional escape room in Telescape to mark the launch of Black Sabbath’s “Sabotage: Super Deluxe Edition” Read more
Sabotage Deluxe Edition Escape Room

Hourglass Escapes

How Hourglass Escapes uses Telescape to power both remote avatar escape rooms and point and click games. By putting players at the heart of the action, anyone can become the star of their own show at Hourglass Escapes. Read more
Ride of the Mad Pharaoh

Spirit Seekers Ireland

How Online Escape Rooms Ireland are using the whole world as their canvas with Telescape Read more
Spirit Seekers Ireland