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Telescape Live by Buzzshot

Bring your online escape room to life

Advanced Inventory System &
Game Creation Tool

Whether you're creating a live avatar or a completely standalone game Telescape Live can help.

Magical Games

New items, puzzles, sounds and videos can be triggered by codes, by a GM/host (if there is one), or by the players moving objects and clicking hotspots themselves.

Shared Experience

Players see each other's mouse cursors and actions in real time giving a sense of togetherness and collaboration. Solve puzzles together, even if they're apart.

Immersive Adventures

Allow independant exploration and discovery with interactive 360° photos of your rooms with clickable hotspots to link rooms together and show details.

Mobile or Desktop

Players can use the system side by side with Zoom on their computer or keep the computer for Zoom and use Telescape Live on their phone.

Engaging Puzzles

Use hotspots, triggers, drag & drop elements and timers to create interativity and puzzles. The only limit is your imagination!

Want to give it a try?

You can sign up for Telescape Live for free and get 10 free game credits to start you off

Case Study

Read how Online Escape Rooms Ireland are using the whole world as their canvas with Telescape. Read more here

Spirit Seekers
Telescape has been an absolute life saver. It’s a blank canvas that you can do anything with!
- Sarah Donovan, Escape Rooms Ireland

Video & Case Study

Hourglass Escapes used Telescape Live to create their very popular Rise of the Mad Pharaoh Live Avatar game. Watch the video or read about how Hourglass Escapes run both live avatar and point and click games using Telescape.

Click here to read the case study.

People forget they are using software, they're just playing the game
- Seth Wolfson, Hourglass Escapes

Case Study

An online escape room featured in rolling stone? Read how Bewilderbox built an official Black Sabbath online escape room using Telescape Read more here

Sabotage Escape

Interactive Video Demo

With Telescape Live you can now create interactive video experiences as part of your games. Try out a demo interactive video here.

Case Study

How the student group Escape SC used Telescape Live to create their latest project, SCience Splice. Read more here

Science Splice

Simple, transparent pricing

1 credit per game. As little as 50c per credit.

25 game credits


50 game credits


100 game credits


200 game credits


Start with 10 free credits on us!

What is a game credit?

One credit equals one game played by a group of players at the same time (they can all be on seperate devices). Up to 10 players/connections are supported per game.

Am I locked in to a contract?

No. You are not locked into any contract or regular payment so you are free to use Telescape Live as little or as much as you find useful. You can buy more credits as you need them.

What if I don't have 25 games booked in a month?

You can save your credits and spread them over as much time as you need.

What if I have a cancellation or rebooking

If you cancel a game it doesn't cost anything, the credit will remain available for you to use on another game.

Winner of the 2020 ESCAPETHEROOMers Bullseye Aware for Best Technology